Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Big Enough....

Random things our kids say/do....

One morning our 4 y/o daughter declared that she was "big enough."   Wondering what the heck exactly she meant we prodded for further information. 

Here is (the gyst of) her angle:  "Now that I can reach the top of the bookcase, I am big enough that I no longer need broccoli.  After all, broccoli is forced upon me so that I may grow big and strong.  I'm clearly big and strong enough now.... thank you."

My response was very eloquent and parentally appropriate...something like:  "Yeah, nice try, Turd!" 

Our 2 y/o son is learning the joys of discipline, having the fun opportunity to sit on the "time in" chair for two minutes while we sit on the footstool next to him.  We give him time to reflect about how his behavior is inappropriate...'cuz, ya know - two year olds L.O.V.E. that sort of thing. 

In reality he doesn't even spend THAT much time in the chair.  He is often able to be redirected, distracted, or corrected without need for it.  However, he knows the consequences of his poor behavior.  This is proven by the fact that when we tell him to do something he doesn't want to do and/or has NO INTENTION of doing... he just marches his little butt to the chair and starts climbing in. 

Oh the joys of parenthood. 


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