Monday, February 6, 2012

Not a Morning Person....

Okay, can I just say that "I hate mornings?"  Really.  I was not designed to be awake before 9a.m. 

If left on my own without having to deal with a "regular" schedule imposed upon me...I would do my best and most creative work from 10p.m. --> 2a.m.    I then would sleep.  I wouldn't particularly sleep all that soundly... until about 5:30 a.m. --> 9a.m.   Those are the hours that my body is programmed to get it's BEST and most deep sleep.  Unfortunately, that is shortly before alarms go off and/or my kids decide to wake up.  What the CRAP is that about? 

Really? I mean, being a night owl is all good and fine when you can: remain on that skewed schedule, get the work done you need to, not interfere with the lives and schedules of others, AND get enough sleep yourself.  But, does that EVER happen for anyone?  Seriously??!!??  Any of you night owls actually able to either adjust yourself out of "night owl syndrome" ....OR find a way to reconcile REAL LIFE with it - and get some sleep in the process?  FYI:  over-the-counter sleep aids (medicinal AND herbal/homeopathic), going to bed at the same time every night, not drinking caffeine at night, and other such lame and useless sleep help tricks do absolutely nothing for me.  So, if you suggest something...don't suggest the obvious...and, so help me if you suggest I drink warm milk (yuck) I'll smack ya!  I mean, I SUPPOSE I could go to the doctor for prescribed drugs...but, that would definitely be a last resort.

Anyhow, the reason for a post titled:  "Not a Morning Person."   So, this morning my lovely wife walks into the restroom and sees me digging around in my medicine cabinet looking for something.  Digging through it with my RIGHT hand I might add (since I am right-handed...not all that unusual or crazy).  She sees me frustrated and asks, "what are you looking for?"   I say, "my toothpaste."   Her response, "the one in your hand?"  ...... "errrrr..... uhhhhhh, .... yeah, that's it!"   Apparently, I don't know.... I moved the toothpaste out and was holding it in my left and and then forgot ... or SOMETHING, and continued to look around with my right hand for what was in my left hand.   WTC??   (What the Crap...cuz I don't use bad language). 

So, again... I repeat:   "I HATE MORNINGS!"  

At least my wife and I were able to start our morning with a good laugh...and I don't even friggin' care that it was at my expense.  But, in my defense, I hadn't had my morning Diet Pepsi/Caffeine fix.... so, coherency was not to be expected.   :-P



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  1. Its a good thing you weren't trying to change little man's diaper instead!