Friday, October 14, 2011

You put up with me for 9 years!!??? You MUST be CRAZY!!!

So, October is a special month.   This week marked 3 months home with our beautiful children.  First post-placement report finished and sent in... CHECK! 

This weekend we celebrate 6 years of marriage.  At the end of the month my wife and I will have been a couple for 9 years. 

So, to my lovely wife... thank you for putting up with me and all of my anal, perfectionist, can't leave well enough alone issues.  We are truly lucky that we found each other and it is funny at times how well our individual un-stereotypical strengths complement each other... (AND that after 9 years we still compliment each other). 

I'm happy that we have several common interests that we can share and enjoy together...AND I'm glad we each have our own things that the other couldn't care less about - so we don't get in each others way while enjoying them!   :-)  

Sharing brownies with you and bonding over our love of chocolate = similarity = GOOD. 

You drinking milk with that brownie and not touching my Diet Pepsi = difference, and also = VERY GOOD.  

I cook - you eat.  You do laundry - I wear clothes.  It's like a perfect match... who could PLAN that sort of thing?  I mean, you have good taste in men...I have good taste in women!  See, there's just a neverending list of why we work together. 

I'm glad and thankful for the series of events (that I don't believe is at all "coincidental") that brought us together. 

Happy Anniversary!  Hope you can tolerate me for many more years to come!!


  1. From your wife:

    Thank you so much for the past 9 years! They have flown by, and I'm looking forward to the next 50+ years with you as we watch our children grow and as we grow old together! We have lots to be thankful for, and I'm so grateful that we have each other! There is no else I would rather grow old with (ha! I ended the sentence with 'with')!

    Happy Anniversary!! I love you!

  2. Is this ya'all's idea of anniversary cards - lol? Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Happy, Happy Anniversary!
    I have an idea. Why don't you celebrate by having an extra large diet pepsi (an you, Mrs Crazy, can have an extra large iced tea!)